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Magic Mushrooms, What are They?

Now Introducing: Mushrooms Mushrooms have existed alongside humans for as long as DNA analysis can calculate. During this time, they have played a vital role in our ecosystem. But that is not giving this organism enough credit. They have also had multiple culinary, cultural, and medicinal uses throughout time. Mushrooms such as Reishi, Shiitake, Cordyceps […]

THCPO and HHCPO – Dangerous Cannabinoids You Should Avoid

Understanding the Cannabinoid Landscape Cannabinoids are developing at an extremely quick rate, giving us access to wonderful experiences from HHC to THCP. Due to this rapid development, there have been certain rushes to produce an even wider range of cannabinoids through new methods. An example of such a method would be hydrogenation, which is how […]

Is Vaping Worse Than Smoking? Vaping vs Smoking & Side Effects

A hand holding a cigarette with a blue outline as a cover color and the text "Is Vaping Worse Than Smoking?"

Introduction The conversation around smoking has shifted with the rise of vaping, a popular practice that’s sparked debate in public health. Vaping, seen as a cleaner alternative to smoking, involves inhaling vapor from electronic devices, containing substances like nicotine and flavors. This discussion focuses on nicotine vaping compared to traditional smoking, examining their health implications. […]