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About us

The Hero Vapes Journey

Welcome to Hero Vapes, where good vibes meet unbeatable flavors. At the heart of our story is a band of buddies who grew tired of the same old in the vaping industry, so we rolled up our sleeves to craft something better. It all started with us, a circle of pals, just not digging what the vape scene had to offer. Everything out there was just more of the same—bland and boring. So we thought, “Why not make something we’re actually excited about?” That’s how HERO Vapes was born. We set out to create the sickest, most flavorful cannabinoid  vapes around. For us, it’s always been about top-notch quality and the perfect blend. Every hit is meant to be as flavourful as enjoyable.

Our Mission

HERO has emerged as the largest and most formidable cannabinoid brand in the EU, operating in more than 15 countries and partnering with wholesalers and boutique retailers worldwide. Known for always delivering top-tier products and stocking the latest in the market, we distribute in-house, setting industry standards at every level. Our origin is rooted in genuine friendship and a shared passion for innovation, and this personal touch continues to define our business ethos.

But even though we’ve grown, we’ve kept our soul. Your happiness is our priority. From picking the finest ingredients to fine-tuning our mix, it’s all for you. We’re clear-cut about what goes into our vapes. Every single HERO product is put through the wringer with third-party tests to make sure you’re only getting the real deal.

Join the HERO Fam

This is your invite to join the HERO fam—a group of chillers who get that life’s better with a top-quality vape. It doesn’t matter if you’re a vape vet or just starting—HERO is where you belong.

Ready to take a hit of the good stuff and make some memories? Let’s do this!