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We are the Industry Leader

As Europe’s leading manufacturer and distributor of cannabinoid vapes and products, Hero offers a unique and profitable collaboration for retailers, wholesalers and stores alike.

Rapid Growth

HERO is the fastest growing actor in the cannabinoid vape industry in all of Europe. By partnering with us, your company becomes part of a dynamic and forward-looking movement, ready to benefit from our continuous market breakthrough and growth.

Premium products

As one of our distributors, you get exclusive access to our range of products. Every product in our range is designed to offer a superior taste experience and maximum customer satisfaction, ensuring our partners get the best in the market.

Dedicated Partnership Support

At Hero, we understand that our partners’ success is a critical part of our own. Therefore, our dedicated support team is always ready to offer assistance and expertise at every stage of the collaboration. From deep product knowledge to strategic marketing – we are here to support and guide. We strive to be an integral part of your success.

Dedicated Representative

Each B2B partner is assigned a personal representative, available 7 days a week to assist with all inquiries.

Multilingual expertise

Our team is proficient in multiple languages, ensuring effective support and communication.

Industry Leader

We introduce new products to the market before anyone else, setting industry trends and standards.

Fast Delivery

Experience our fast delivery service for all orders in Scandinavia and Europe, regardless of volume.

powerful brand

A partnership with Hero means being associated with our well-established brand, giving your store a loyal customer base from day one.

Product information

We provide the most comprehensive and detailed product information on the market, ensuring clarity and confidence with every purchase.

Market Standard

All our products undergo careful testing for full and relevant compliance with market regulations.


Expand together with HERO and experience the benefits of a reliable supplier, always ready to deliver.

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  2. Review & Approval: Our team reviews your application quickly. If you fit in with us, you will soon become an authorized distributor.
  3. Welcome to the Network: As an approved distributor, you get access to advantageous prices, exclusive offers and early access to new products.