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HHCO – All you Need to Know

HHC and O You have without a doubt heard about the cannabinoid known as HHC. As one of the first novel cannabinoids that came to the scene, HHC is at this moment one of the best enjoyed and understood cannabinoids. HHC itself is derived from the cannabis plant and has similar effects to that of […]

Does Cannabis Affect your Gut – A Look at the Evidence

Introduction to Cannabis and Gut Health In recent years, the exploration of cannabis and its potential effects on various aspects of health has expanded significantly. One area of growing interest is the connection between cannabis consumption and gut health. As more individuals turn to cannabinoids for medicinal and recreational purposes, it becomes crucial to examine […]

Understanding HHC Vapes: A Beginners Guide

The Very Basics: What is HHC? What is Vaping? Recently, a variety of cannabinoids have gained popularity as they offer individuals unique experiences. This ranges from potential health and wellness effects currently taking the scientific field by storm, to the purely enjoyable recreational effects. One of the most popular of these emerging cannabinoids is HHC. […]

Cannabinoids 101: A Comprehensive Overview

What are Cannabinoids? While researching different cannabis-derived products, most people will come across a lot of new terminology. Initially this can be a little confusing, as it can be difficult to navigate the scientific spectrum of cannabinoid research without some key definitions and contextual information. The first one most are likely to encounter is the […]