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HHCO – All you Need to Know

HHC and O

You have without a doubt heard about the cannabinoid known as HHC. As one of the first novel cannabinoids that came to the scene, HHC is at this moment one of the best enjoyed and understood cannabinoids. HHC itself is derived from the cannabis plant and has similar effects to that of THC itself with a more subdued intensity and slightly extended duration. With this being such a well-received experience, there has been plenty of work to find a way to further extract exciting properties from HHC. This is where HHC-O (or HHCO) comes into the picture. Similar to HHC in its overall structure, additional refinements to its chemical composition further adds to its potential effects.

What sets HHCO apart from other cannabinoids is the addition of a hydroxylated structure. To compare it to HHC, HHCO is different due to the presence of one or more hydroxyl groups (-OH) attached to its molecular backbone. You can say that this is the structure that puts the ‘O’ in HHCO. This structural modification adds some alternative characteristics that influence the interaction between the cannabinoid and your endocannabinoid system. Most importantly, it alters the solubility of HHCO, which may allow it to interact differently with biological membranes. It is not abnormal to have issues with what is called ‘bioavailability’ when it comes to many compounds. Bioavailability is how much of a substance your body takes up into your blood after you take a substance. For example, caffeine has an incredibly high bioavailability, as it easily absorbs into the body. It is normal that when traveling through the lungs, stomach, or other avenues, some of the substance is lost on the way. This is why a lot of medicines are injected directly into the blood intravenously. This overall means that you absorb more of the HHCO into your system and less goes to waste due to this change. As a result, there are direct impacts on the onset, duration and intensity of its effects when compared to HHC. We will cover the specific comparison of HCC and HHCO in this article as well. But first, we have to answer: how does HHCO feel?

What are the Effects of HHCO?

Now, you might think: “Hey, I know THC and I know HHC, so this HHCO must be pretty much the same right?” But you would be wrong! You will find that they are pretty different experiences overall. Due to the increased bioavailability of HHCO, it is comparatively about 2-3 times as potent as HHC. This means that HHCO will compare much more to that of a classic, intense THC experience than that of a milder HHC one. As with all cannabinoids, the dose will set the tone for what you can expect out of taking it. Lower doses tend to correlate with a more relaxed experience, whilst higher doses can result in euphoric mood increases. The effects of HHCO still follows the general outline of effects that can be found in cannabinoids of this potency, which include:

  • Potential Psychoactive Effects (Altered State of Consciousness)
  • Euphoric increase in mood
  • Increase in appetite
  • Increase in relaxation
  • Aid in Sleep
  • Decrease in Anxiety
  • Pain Relief

In addition to these properties, the potential advantage of the hydroxylated structure is huge compared to acetated cannabinoids. The simple and minor addition of this structure seems to confer improved bioavailability, higher potency, and an overall more stable molecule. The additional effects of HHCO compared to HHC were so successful, that there have been some misguided attempts at adding even more hydroxylated structures. However, this has resulted in dangerous cannabinoid variants such as THCPO and HHCPO. When it comes to this process, more is not always better. There is a big difference between adding some spice to your meal and changing around the ingredients completely.

Another Addition, Another Opportunity

HHCO is an exciting addition to the cannabinoid family, offering increased bioavailability that cannabinoid enthusiasts can explore. It will be interesting to see how the use of this cannabinoid develops over time. Already, many users of these cannabinoids discuss and report ways in which HHCO products help them with physical discomfort, appetite issues, sleep and more. Of course, everyone is different and will experience all types of cannabinoids differently. If you enjoy HHC but want something a little more potent, then HHCO is definitively something you should explore next!

Disclaimer: HHC-O, in spite of its O, should not be confused with the dangerous and outright unsafe cannabinoids THCPO and HHCPO.


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