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THCP Skywalker OG Vape

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Skywalker OG THCP Vape beckons you to the stars with a formulation that’s out of this world. With a potent mix of 10% THCP, 86% HHCO, and 4% Live Resin Terpenes, this vape is 30 times stronger than THC, offering a celestial experience that’s as legendary as its name. Our signature HERO blend elevates the potent THCP with a constellation of minor cannabinoids for a high that’s as epic as the saga it hails from.

Embrace the indica effects of Skywalker OG as they transport you to a universe of relaxation, grounded in the authenticity of classic strains. Crafted with our proprietary Live Resin terpenes and premium CCELL® listo technology, every draw is a step into infinity. Prepare for an adventure in flavor and sensation that’s truly Skywalker-worthy.

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Blast off to a galaxy of calm with Skywalker OG – a THCP vape for those who seek a cosmic escape. Feel the Force of 10% THCP in a sleek 1ml CCELL listo device.

5 reviews for THCP Skywalker OG Vape

  1. McCluskey

    o I had tried the H4cbd stuff and was a little sad that it was so mild since it felt more like a nice little bump than the intense stuff I read about cannabinoids online. Well if that was a bump this was a rocket take-off. Delivery has been quick both times so in conclusion five stars.

  2. Noidy

    Had me giggling and laughing like no ones business. spent like 3 hours absolutely fascinated with everything in my home, new perspective was interesting

  3. Caro

    I have tried most of their vapes and they are great But the THCP is fire! If you are going to try one, I recommend this.

  4. Mate

    Thank you for fast delivery and discount code. Always great service

  5. Garcia

    To strong for me, I’ll like HHC better. But if you want something that kicks, this is the one

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  • Product: Standard 510 thread
  • Volume: 1ml
  • Dimensions: Φ10.5 × 52H/62H (mm)
  • Internals: Medical-grade stainless steel center post
  • Design: Screw-on mouthpiece Borosilicate glass body
  • Features: Powers all HERO 510-cartridges
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Enjoy a longer journey with the 1ml Hero vapes featuring the CCELL® Listo The main device for all our 1ml disposable vapes
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  • Design: Compact Visible Oil Tank Design
  • Mouthpiece: Food-Grade PCTG
  • Internals: Medical-Grade 316L Stainless Steel Internals
  • Features: Inhale Activated, Built-in LED Indicator, Micro-USB charging enabled, Disposable

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