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High Life Blue Dream THCH

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  • Strain: Hybrid
  • Flavor: Blend of zesty citrus and subtle herbal undertones
  • Product Details:
    • Psychoactive
    • Live Resin Terpenes
    • 15% THCH + Minor Cannabinoids
    • 0.5 ml (250 draws) 1 ml (500 draws) 2 ml (1000 draws)
    • Rechargeable battery

Blue Dream gives a vibrant flavor profile that combines the zesty notes of citrus with subtle herbal undertones in a clean & refreshing flavor. This hybrid strain delivers a balanced experience, ideal for those looking to relax while sparking their creativity with psychoactive effects. Enjoy the dynamic flavors of Blue Dream where citrus zest meets delicate herbal hints in a ready-to-use, premium vape, delivering smooth clouds and true flavors.

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Made in the EU

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Our products contain zero traces of MCT oil, VG, PG, Vitamin E, or any other additives.

Discover the affordable High Life series, featuring 15% THCH and a mix of other minor cannabinoids, ensuring a potent effect perfectly suited to your cannabinoid receptors. Blue Dream, an hybrid-profiled vape, gives you a balanced experience, created using our signature live resin terpenes and flash-frozen plants to ensure peak freshness. Coupled with a CCELL device  (0.5 ml SLYM, 1 ml LISTO, 2 ml RIDGE) utilizing Next-Gen EVO technology for greater clouds and better flavor.

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0.5 ml, 1 ml, 2 ml

2 reviews for High Life Blue Dream THCH

  1. David

    Super smooth and relaxing

  2. Nadia

    I have now tried each of your flavors in the high life series, and this one has gotten the throne as my favorite, even though the other ones isn’t far away, it’s something special about the refreshing flavor combined with the lasting high that resonates with me. I don’t want just the high to enhance me, i want the flavor to make wake me up since i smoke with all my senses, this one really does that for me, i highly recommend for those seeking a revitalizing flavor and high!

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The HERO Promise

At HERO, our team is dedicated to bringing you premium products of the highest quality at unbeatable prices, free from THC and nicotine.

The HERO vapes are fueled by Next-Gen EVO® technology for enhanced flavor and bigger clouds. With industry leading CCELL® devices for a robust experience, quality is guaranteed.


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