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Understanding HHC Vapes: A Beginners Guide

The Very Basics: What is HHC? What is Vaping?

Recently, a variety of cannabinoids have gained popularity as they offer individuals unique experiences. This ranges from potential health and wellness effects currently taking the scientific field by storm, to the purely enjoyable recreational effects. One of the most popular of these emerging cannabinoids is HHC. Sourced from cannabis plants that growers have selected over time, HHC can provide a unique experience when inhaled or ingested. Vaping has become increasingly popular. This is not surprising, as it circumvents a lot of the issues that traditional smoking can come across. Vaping does not produce a smell, is easy to carry and store, are quick to use and come in a variety of enjoyable flavours.

The easiest way to inhale HHC is through such a vape. But what is a HHC vape? These are electronic devices that converts cannabinoid-infused oils into inhalable vapor. For that cannabinoid oil to become wonderful clouds of smoke, it needs to be heated. When you smoke a joint, this heating is usually done by a lighter. In the case of a vape, it does this via a battery that can be recharged with a USB-C cable. A USB-C cable is usually used to charge a variety of small electronic devices, such as headphones. This battery will heat the golden cannabinoid oils, which are held in a (usually transparent) cartridge. You will be able to see how much HHC is left in a pen in this HHC cart. Once they are heated, the smoke rapidly travels up into the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is where you put your mouth to inhale the incoming vapor. While some pens are made with a button to activate the vaporization, other pens automatically activate when you inhale via said mouthpiece.

Vaping, Inhaling and Enjoying: A How To

So, you have done your due diligence and research. You know what cannabinoids are, what vapes are and what HHC is. Now of course, you could also look into the endocannabinoid system, or maybe a more in-depth look at HHC if you are interested. But the next step is vaping itself. There seems to be a little stigma around this question. A lot of people do not want to seem ’silly’ for asking how to actually vape, but I promise you it is more common to not know than you think.

The first step is to see what type of pen you have. Most disposable pens are activated by inhalation itself, while some are activated by a button. If a button is not very clearly marked on the pen, then most likely it is activated automatically when you inhale. From here you follow these steps:

• Put the mouthpiece on your lips, leaving a small space for air to enter.

• Naturally inhale slowly. If you do not feel smoke coming, you may have to inhale a bit harder or put your mouth closer to the mouthpiece.

• Exhale the smoke after two or three seconds. Unlike THC and other cannabinoids, holding the smoke in your lungs does not increase the effect.
• Repeat until you reach the desired effect range you want with the vape. It is recommended to take a hit and wait a few minutes before you take your next one to gauge how the effects are so far. This is especially true when you are trying something for the first time!

And with that you should have the basics down! As you gain more experience with vaping and different cannabinoids, you get much better at gauging the dosage and amount you like the most.

Best Practices for Vaping

While vapes are a great technological feat, they also have best practices attached to them. Make sure that you follow these steps to ensure that your pen and HHC cart lasts for as long as possible:

• Make sure to save the cap that comes with your pen. It will prevent dust and other small annoyances from entering the mouthpiece during storage.

• Store the vape pen in a dry and cool place. Like with most electronic items, hot temperatures, strong sunlight, and water are all things that can reduce the pens efficiency or make it stop working all together.

• When inhaling, do not get into the habit of ’sucking’ on the mouthpiece. This puts lots of pressure on the cart and you end up sucking the cannabinoid oils out of the pen like you are drinking a milkshake with a straw. When you inhale, the ’resistance’ you feel from the vape pen should be very small. Good pens will have solid resistance to prevent this from happening by accident but doing it over extended periods of time can still make it happen. Overall, this means less HHC as thick clouds, and more as annoying oils on your tongue.

• Always make sure that your pen is good on battery. When a pen reaches lower battery powers, it is not as good at using that battery to heat the cannabinoid oils. If a pen suddenly stops working after some time of use, this might be the solution. Some higher quality pens come with light indicators that glow when you are inhaling and flash when short on battery.

• If you get a burning taste when you are inhaling from your vape, the cart is empty and should be replaced. The burning taste is the battery heating up ‘nothing.’ It is a very noticeable effect, so do not worry if you are unsure if it is happening, you will 100% know!

You can also wipe the mouthpiece with a damp cloth if you need to clean it, though make sure nothing enters the mouthpiece. With these things in mind, you should be good to enjoy all the contents of your vape.

HHC Vapes: Taste, Vape, and What to Look For

When it comes to HHC vapes, there are a large variety of things to consider. Let us get the first question out of the way: Does HHC make you ‘high’? Absolutely, it causes a psychoactive effect that can be described as ‘warm buzz’. Outside of this, the taste and pen type are the two most important factors when choosing a HHC vape.

These vapes can come in a variety of tastes such as mango, watermelon, strawberry and more. These flavours can make the inhalation process more or less enjoyable depending on your personal preferences. While the effects of HHC is the same, it is much more enjoyable to be tasting a flavour you enjoy while smoking. In general, fruity flavours are seen as almost universally enjoyable, but it is a good idea to experiment and see what you end up loving!

On the other hand, the pen type of a HHC vape is almost as important as what is in it. While the details can become quite complex, in terms of e.g. specific heating elements, coils and airflow, you generally want a vape with:

  • A smooth inhale
  • Resistance to clogging
  • Easy to charge
  • Transparent Cart
  • Indicator (that glows when you are inhaling or blinks for battery)

These are the features of most high-quality pens which come in a variety of sleek designs for you to use. While going through things like lab reports and pen schematics may be a little daunting, they are surefire ways to ensure that a HHC vape is of high quality. If these are too complex, checking that a vendor has a clear customer service contact, good online reviews, and third-party lab reports, are all good signs of trustworthiness.

Looking for the best HHC vapes on the market? Check out what we’ve got at Hero. Just head over here and see for yourself: Hero HHC Vapes. Find your next favorite today!


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